8 Things No Woman Should Do to Her Breasts to Keep Them Healthy


2. Running in a sports bra or without a bra at all

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More than 50% of women experience breast pain during exercise. Breasts move up to 21 cm while running or jumping. That’s why it’s necessary to pick the right bra for sports and not to use a normal bra for your daily fitness routine.

How to pick the right sports bra:

1. For each kind of sport, you need a different bra. There are low, medium, or high impact bras to choose from. Consult with a shop assistant if you don’t know which one to buy.
2. The fabric of the cup should be smooth and tight. If you see wrinkles in the fabric, the cup is too big.
3. Remember that sports bras will last around 30-40 washes.

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