How Much an “Instagram Girl Face” Costs, and What Surgeries Women Might Need to Look Perfect on Social Media


Lips like Kylie Jenner’s

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After rhinoplasty, lips often seem to be smaller, so the next step is cheiloplasty (if the lips are too thin) and then, injections of hyaluronic acid. The price for cheiloplasty starts at $500 and the price for 1 ml of the lip filler varies from country to country.

So, in the US, 1 ml of hyaluronic acid costs $500. But, you should know that this is not the final price: in order to achieve a noticeable effect, you will need to have several procedures.

Kylie Jenner’s famous lips have way more than 2 mg of hyaluronic acid, so if someone wants to have lips like hers, all the manipulations will cost around $1,400.

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