10 Chillaxed Animals That Will Help You Find Your Zen Even in the Middle of Chaos

[nextpage] Even though animals don’t have to work in an office from morning until night, and they don’t have human problems, they know what stress is and they know how to cope with it. They take relaxing baths, meditate in the sun, take their favorite plush toys to bed, and know a couple of other smart ways to fight pressure and …


Please Hold My Hands Forever

[nextpage] 1. Please Hold My Hands Forever Photo Credit: © depositphotos 1. Navigating life’s turbulence period is similar to sailing over stormy waters. No matter how violent the waves are, how high the obstacles are, and how dark the skies are, I will be there by your side holding your …


Your Smile is The Most Precious Thing I Own!

[nextpage] 1. Your Smile is The Most Precious Thing I Own! Photo Credit: © depositphotos 1. Find someone who makes you laugh without trying – a person who makes you see life’s true beauty. That person may not be perfect, because let us be honest, who is? Nevertheless, there will …


You Cannot Avoid Aging Even When You’re a Celebrity: Stars Meet Their Younger Selves on These Pictures

What would the biggest celebrities say to their younger selves if they were somehow able to meet them? That’s what was in the mind of a Dutch Artist, Ard Gelinck, who photoshopped the biggest stars on the side of their young-age selves. That’s how time flies over our favorites! …


Top 30 Most Beautiful Women on Instagram

– Since Instagram has been a „thing” in social media, the status of supermodels is an option for everyone. Natural-born beauties with their almost-professional pictures can be famous and highly followed in just a minute. But who are the most beautiful ladies in the world of this photo-sharing extrvaganza? Have a look at our pictures and find out!


Top 30 Most Beautiful Women in the World

– In this digital era of Instagram practically everybody can be a supermodel or a celebrity with tens of thousands of fans. But who is the most beautiful of all those gorgeous ladies? Let’s see the top 30 list!


What it means to be in love? Illustrations show the feeling in everyday situations

– Love in a stable relationship might be different, yet the same for everyone. A talented illustrator can show those little, sweet moments of love on the example of his own marriage, where these gestures are in abundance. That’s how he sees those memory-forming moments which we all share in some way.


Life and love is different before and after 30. Or is it just your point of view?

For many of us, our 30th birthday is a kind of psychological milestone. Some are afraid of this age, but we believe it’s completely in vain. There are lots of benefits to being 30: you’re still young but already much smarter and more independent than you used to be when you were 20.


TOP 20 Magnificent Eyes From Around World

The world’s most beautiful eyes come in many different colors on many different skin tones. See the most gorgeous eyes that’ll make your jaw …


7 Morning Habits That Don’t Let Us Lose Weight

The morning sets the mood for the rest of the day including the diet schedule. Our morning rituals determine whether we will eat a big or a small lunch, whether the body will use all the calories or store them “just in case.”