How Marketers Force Absurd Beauty Trends on Women

Commercials show us the image of a perfect woman that most of the time has nothing to do with reality. The point of marketing is making a potential customer think, “If I have this thing, I will look like the girl from the cover.” And because that magazine perfection is impossible to achieve, it makes people want to spend more and more money to be able to at least come close to it.

According to different studies, 80 % of women think that every woman has something unique about her appearance. But they don’t see that in themselves. Bright Side decided to figure out how marketers impose beauty standards on us and why we shouldn’t fall for that.

They idealize youth.

The first cream with liposomes came out in 1983. At the time, they hadn’t managed to achieve an anti-aging effect, but it was the first step toward creating more advanced formulas. In 2019, the Neutrogena company presented the 3D-mask that is printed based on individual orders with the consideration of all the facial features. It is just as effective in terms of moisturizing and anti-aging as its fabric alternatives.

Nowadays, the edited photos of celebrities that are much older than 30-40-50 years old, only make us want to look at least just as good as they do, or even better. And all the ads they’re in spread the idea that you can fight against the onset of wrinkles.

However, there are many examples of famous women that are getting older, but preserving their natural beauty, for example, actress Helen Mirren or model Yasmina Rossi. All we have to do is change the vector of attention from the unachievable eternal youth to beautiful aging with cute wrinkles around the eyes.